Friday, October 7, 2011

Bruckner - Symphony No. 2 in C minor

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)  wrote a total of eleven symphonies, although two go unnumbered. There is a certain amount of similarity within all of them, which some have said makes him repetitive.  But these similarities are Bruckner's style. With careful listening and familiarity, the Bruckner Symphonies also show differences enough to make each a work of art in its own right.

Symphony No. 2 was finished in 1872, but as with many of Bruckner's symphonies it went through various revisions. The revisions for other symphonies of Bruckner can be quite substantial with marked differences, sometimes entire movements are rewritten. The revisions of the 2nd Symphony are many, most of them minor and are of a technical nature. The main difference between the original and the later version heard here are the changing of positions within the symphony of the 2nd and 3rd movements. That is, the Scherzo is now the 3rd movement and the Adagio the 2nd movement.  This symphony is sometimes called Symphony of Pauses due to the many  full orchestra rests within, which add to the overall form and expressive nature of the work.

The Symphony is in 4 movements:
  1. Moderato (moderately, not too fast)
  2. Feierlich, etwas bewegt (solemnly, but a little fast)
  3. Scherzo: Mäßig schnell - Trio: Gleiches Tempo  (somewhat fast - same tempo for trio)
  4. Finale: Ziemlich schnell (quite fast)

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  1. This is a fine performance by the Chicago Symphony and Solti. The symphony is beautiful. It is meant to be taken at a spacious breadth. The tempi are slightly rushed but executed with elan.



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